Sunday, November 4, 2012

I am in love

Love is magical.
Love is mysterious.
Love is fantasy.
Love is cloud 9.
Love is everything nice that you can think about.

I am in love.
(cheesy i know. :P)
But yes I am deeply in love.
In love with a man.
A man that manage to make me believe that there is such thing as 'true love'.

He never stops from trying to make me happy.
He love me the way I am.
He love me to the bits.

And I love him to the bits too.
But I know he loves me more. I know. ;P

All that I wanted now is to be married to him.
To be the love of his life forever after.
To be with him through thick and thin.
To accept him for who he is.
To be the wife that he hoped for.
To be the mother for his kids.

Ya Allah, please make everything easy for Farhana Abdul Hadi and Kamal Azharan Azman. Ameen.



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