Monday, March 26, 2012

Not just any ordinary Monday

So today was the first day. I might like it there. I'm even considering to make this as my career path.


May all the strength be provided when I needed the most.

The environment seems to be healthy.
The mind setting seems to be how I've always imagined them to be.
The people seems friendly.

Well at least that is my first impression. And I hope it will stay that way.

And I am fragile. Please be kind to me.

Anyway, I know my english isn't that good, but hey, at least im trying.

Biar bertatih, jangan berundur.


Friends, doakan saya jumpa kebahagiaan saya ya. Dunia dan akhirat. Saya doakan kamu juga.


So now, should I or shouldn't i buy a new car? :P



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