Friday, January 27, 2012

Idiots. You are. And me.

Have you seen the 3 Idiots movie? Starring; Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

A very good movie indeed. I think if I were to watch it during my first year of studies, I might begged my father to let me changed my degree to maybe Interior Design or maybe Architecture.

But then the Movie only got out when I've finished my study, started working and now is waiting to finish my 3 months notice (Aweesommmee!).

Everything happens for a reason.

And what I like the most about the movie is that in that movie, Ranchos, (Aamir Khan) keep on chanting 'Aal iz wel' whenever he faces any problem. Which made him calm and able to think rationally and critically despite of the current situation.

And that is what we all should do whenever there is problem a head of us. And that is what I am gonna do.

And act based on what ever that is suitable to the current situation.
Enjoy the present.

I have also realize that the only person that could hurt me is actually myself. If I let others to look down at me, I'll hit bottom rock. If let others to hurt me, I'll will forever be sad, and if I let others to make me happy, I will forever be on seventh heaven. Do you get what am I trying to say?

Im trying to say,

You are your own problem,
but you are also your own solution.

Got it?

Aal iz well.



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